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Solar Operations

Changing the Way Destinations Use Energy. 

The resort and hotel industry constitutes one of the most energy and resource intensive branches of the tourist industry. Substantial quantities of energy are consumed in providing comfort and services to guests, many of who are accustomed to, and willing to pay for exclusive amenities, treatment and entertainment.

An average US hotel pays yearly about $2,196 per room in energy cost. Hospitality industry in total spends about $3.7 billion on energy, representing between 55%-70% of utility costs.

Energy conservation solutions for hotels control energy consumption across all hotel systems and sectors (air conditioning, lighting, catering, hospitality, etc.), while at the same time tracking energy usage and identifying opportunities for savings. Energy generation solutions involve areas such as solar, biofuel and geothermal, which can be a great investment with strong returns and many co-benefits. As more carbon tax regimes come into play, the cost of using fossil fuels to power or heat hotels will continue to rise.  

We specialize in new technology. From smaller properties to large resorts, hotels need to be able to rely on continuous power 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Many tourism destinations are located in areas with high electricity prices. With our microgrid technology, businesses can come off the grid during peak demand hours, decreasing your own costs while helping keep the lights on in your community. 

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