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Solar and Branding 


An increasing number of companies are turning to solar energy to power their buildings and productions, and they want you to know it. They are using unique in a product called SolarSkin, which acts a bit like a graphic overlay that can be applied on top of any kind of solar panel. Near Epcot in Orlando, Disney built a solar farm in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head. Target now sports two solar arrays shaped like its bull’s-eye logo


Comcast recently completed a floating solar array in an artificial lake at the Universal Orlando Resort. Since Comcast owns NBCUniversal, the solar array portrays Comcast’s logo, complete with NBC’s peacock logo. “They resonated with the idea of having an aesthetic design,” a spokesman says, noting that Comcast saw an opportunity for brand awareness. Google hasn’t updated its satellite imagery yet, but the solar array can already be seen on Bing. And for those visiting IRL, lake is sunken so you can catch a glimpse of the array from an off-ramp as you enter the park.


Creative Areas for Solar


Although rooftops are the best areas for solar panels, other options exist.

Here are other areas to install solar panels in hotels with limited roof space:

  • Pool area: Having canopies in the pool areas shields guests from the scorching sun, and these shades can also be ideal spaces to install solar panels.

  • Parking lot: Shaded carports are valued amenities for hotel guests. Hotel owners can create a win-win by installing solar panels on the parking lot canopies.

  • Outdoor seating areas: Hoteliers can create shaded seating areas with overhead solar canopies. Solar-powered benches and charging tables give guests a place to unwind and recharge.

  • Unused or underutilized grounds: Hotels with large land tracks are perfect for ground-mounted solar systems. This is also an excellent

Beyond energy costs, there are real benefits. 

Besides reduced operating costs, hotels enjoy other benefits of solar energy, like green marketing and improved customer experiences.

Here are the advantages of switching to solar for hotels and guests:

  • Sustainability: Since solar is renewable energy, it's good for the environment. It's also efficient and reliable. Hence, hotels contribute to lowering harmful emissions by generating clean, sustainable energy.

  • Improved customer experience: Hoteliers leveraging solar energy can provide top-notch services to their guests. For example, electric vehicle charging stations, solar-powered carports, and outdoor lighting are attractive amenities that boost hotels' occupancy rates. 

  • Employee retention: Using solar energy also creates an eco-friendly environment for employees. Hotel owners that use solar may be more likely to retain talent since their staff are happier and feel their vision aligns with their employer.

  • Green marketing: In an era of environmentally-conscious consumers, there's no better way for hotels to earn a good reputation and high LEED ratings than by going green. Guests looking to lower their carbon footprint will seek out and favor solar-powered hotels while traveling

Innovate Ideas 

 Solar Parking Lots 

Resorts of all sizes are leveraging increasingly affordable photovoltaic technology to reduce their energy costs. Solar power technology offers businesses a two-fold opportunity: to reduce energy consumption from the grid and sell excess production back into that grid. Therefore, hotels can save on their energy costs and subsidize whatever energy consumption they still have to pay for.

Solar Sitting Benches 

Resort Energy's Resort Charging Bench is a contemporary bench model inspired by active millennials. The Charging Bench  features a sleek, space saver design with a low profile solar panel behind the bench. It’s modern and comfortable bench design, made of curved carbon or stainless steel, lets your users easily recharge their batteries, in any setting.

Solar Lighting 

Solar powered lights are a natural fit for park lighting, parking, resort seen space and any place where the environment needs to be preserved. Smart software enables the lights to be monitored, controlled and proactively maintained in the cloud, delivering unmatched reliability and long-lasting system performance..

Solar Pool 

Solar pool covers are designed to help naturally heat your swimming pool through solar rays and can keep the water temperature at a comfortable level throughout cooler months of the year.

Solar pool covers also have other advantages for pool owners. By serving as a pool cover when the water isn’t in use, you can cut back on maintenance time and reduce water loss to evaporation.

Hotel Pool
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